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Upcoming World Service Conference

Our Utah Regional Delegates will be attending the World Service Conference in late April, and will be voting on CAR/CAT motions, which concerns business at the NA World level.

  ↪ Groups can vote on the World motions using the survey link on the WSC page. The Utah Region’s votes will be based on a tally of groups in our Region.

  ↪ One survey per group, Group Votes Due By Friday, April 7th!

  ↪ The World Service Conference page includes resources on the CAR/CAT: a PDF download and seven short videos about the motions including PowerPoint Presentations for download as well.

  ↪ Additionally, individual members also have the opportunity to submit a survey to NAWS directly concerning literature interests.


 Region Committee Meetings

The Utah Region has bi-monthly meetings on the second Saturday of even-numbered months with the location rotating throughout the Region. Conditions permitting, the meeting will be held in a hybrid virtual format on Zoom in addition to meeting in-person.

Next Region Meetings:

Region Committee Members

The current Region Service Committee includes:

  • Regional Delegate (RD): James K. (Lakeside Unity)
  • Regional Delegate, Alternate (RDA): Cody P. (Lakeside Unity)
  • Facilitator: Kevin K. (Sasquatch)
  • Treasurer: Jess R. (Lakeside Unity)
  • Secretary: Leska H. (United Wasatch)
  • Hospitals & Institutions Chair: Open (Nominations/Elections at Feb Meeting)
  • Public Information Chair: Randy T. (United Wasatch)
  • Outreach Chair: Brittni K. (Lakeside Unity)
  • Web Chair: Justin B. (United Wasatch)
  • URICNA (Indoor) Chair: To Be Confirmed
  • URCNA (Campvention) Chair: Leska H. (United Wasatch)
  • Regional Committee Members (RCMs) from the six member Areas.

About the Utah Region of Narcotics Anonymous

 Our region serves areas in the Northern half of Utah and Southwestern Wyoming, including major cities: Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo, Orem, Heber City, Vernal, Logan, Evanston (WY), and the cities and towns nearby.

The NA Areas that make up the Utah Region are: United Wasatch Area, Northern Utah Area, Lakeside Unity Area, Central Utah Area, Sasquatch Area, and High Uintah Area.