World Service Conference Materials

CAR Voting Online Survey

Online Survey each group in the Utah Region can take to get their CAR votes to the Regional Delegates before the end of March, 2018.


2018 Conference Agenda Report (CAR)

View/Download the PDF

CAR Tally Sheet

Use this for tallying your Group/Area votes

CAR Literature Survey

What type of Literature you want NAWS to work on for the future? Open to any interested NA member – deadline 15 March 2018.

2018 Conference Approval Track (CAT)

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CAR Instructional Videos

CAR Video 1:
Introduction and Motions 1 – 6
 CAR Video 2:
FIPT and Motions 7 – 8
CAR Video 3:
Motions 9 – 14
CAR Video 4:
Future of the WSC and Motions 15 – 25
CAR Video 5:
Strategic Plan and Literature Survey

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