World Service Conference 2022

[Partial Conference – Held Virtually – End of April]

 Download, Learn, & Vote


The Conference Agenda Report & Conference Approval Track (CAR & CAT) is available for download. Within it are four CAR Motions and one CAT Motion.

You can go over the motions in the CAR/CAT document and view the videos discussing all the motions lower on the page.

Additionally the Regional Delegate and Alternate (RD & RDA) held a virtual presentation on March 12th. A recorded video (approx. 45 minutes) of the meeting is available for download/viewing.

Groups vote individually (rather than by Area) for the RD & RDA to carry a group conscious from the groups in the Utah Region to WSC. Voting can be done with the online survey that can be filled out at a group’s business meeting. Votes can also be brought to the RD/RDA at the April Region meeting.


2022 CAR & CAT

This cycle the Conference Agenda Report (CAR) and Conference Agenda Track (CAT) are available in just one document, with only five motions total to be voted on at the World Service Conference (WSC).

View/Download the PDF


Regional Delegate Virtual Presentation

In addition to the videos in the below section, you can view a recorded Zoom Presentation on the CAR/CAT motions from the RD. The presentation was about 45 minutes and ought to help with any questions you may have on the motions.

View the Recorded Zoom Meeting Video


Online Survey for Group Voting

Online Survey for each group in the Utah Region to fill out in order to get their group’s votes to the Regional Delegates by April 9, 2022.

Open the Online Survey for Groups

CAR/CAT Motions Informational Videos

WSC 2022 Video 1 of 3:

CAR Motions 1 – 3 (Required Business) and Motion 4 (Spiritual Principle A Day)

WSC 2022 Video 2 of 3:

Budget 2022-2023 and Motion 5 (CAT Motion – Budget)

WSC 2022 Video 3 of 3:

WSC Background, Local Service Toolbox, and Work of the cycle

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